July 20, 2019

New Orleans Shakespeare Fest's 'Hamlet' ends season with an action-packed hit - Theodore P. Mahne,

June 19, 2019

Wittiness and romance make 'Much Ado' quite something - Theodore P. Mahne,

July 7, 2018

Shakespeare Fest's edgy 'Macbeth' is almost perfect - Alan Smason,

May 29, 2018

'All's Well' as another Shakespeare Fest kicks off - Brad Rhines, The New Orleans Advocate

May 28, 2018

All’s Well That Ends Well takes no prisoners - Will Coviello, Gambit

January 15, 2018

Shakespeare's Silver Anniversary: The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival Celebrates 25 Years in NOLA -

May 23, 2017

Inmates respond to Shakespeare performance behind bars, weigh in on its possible effects on recidivism rate - Emma Discher, The Advocate

May 12, 2017

Shakespeare Festival Partners with Cripple Creek Theatre in Taking Shakespeare to New Audiences -

January 18, 2017

2017 New Orleans Shakespeare Festival Reaches Out To New Audiences -

August 3, 2016

Review: The Illusion - Gambit

July 19, 2016

Tony Kushner's 'The Illusion' opens at Tulane on Saturday (interview with Tony Kushner) -

June 27, 2016

Review: The Two Gentlemen of Verona at Tulane’s Shakespeare Festival - Gambit

July 7, 2016

"THE ILLUSION Rounds Out New Orleans Shakespeare Festival Season" -

May 9, 2016


March 1, 2016

Acclaimed One-Woman Show Opens the 2016 Festival - Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender press release

January 28, 2016

"New Orleans Shakespeare Festival’s 2016 Season Celebrates the Bard" - American Theatre Magazine

January 18, 2016

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, The NOLA Project Events and More to Celebrate the Bard as Part of New Orleans Shakespeare's 2016 Season -

January 18, 2016

2016 New Orleans Shakespeare Festival Celebrates the Power of the Classics in Citywide Celebration - NOSFT 2016 press release

December 7, 2015

Shakespeare Festival remounts hit production of Cymbeline for schools across the Gulf South - Cymbeline remount press release

August 3, 2015

All The World's (and particularly New Orleans') a Stage - New Orleans & Me

August 2, 2015

'Incarnate' review - NOLA Defender

July 21, 2015

Incarnate on Inside the Arts - WWNO radio (NPR affiliate)

July 20, 2015

Incarnate in American Theatre's "Onstage this Week"

July 20, 2015

"Review: The Importance of Being Earnest The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane goes a little Wilde" - Gambit

July 16, 2015

" 'Incarnate' generates heat at Tulane's Shakespeare Festival" - Times-Picayune |

July 13, 2015

"Shakespeare Fest's 'Importance of Being Earnest' a witty verbal farce" - Times-Picayune |

July 9, 2015

"A trivial comedy for serious people makes mark at Lupin Theatre" - New Orleans Advocate

July 9, 2015

An ‘Earnest’ production for Shakespeare Festival - Tulane new wave

July 8, 2015

The Importance of Being Earnest on Inside the Arts - WWNO radio (NPR affiliate)

July 1, 2015

"The Importance Of Being Funny. Festival’s production of Oscar Wilde classic is gonna be good – period." - New Orleans Magazine

June 29, 2015

Incarnate, an exciting interdisciplinary show, rounds out the Shakespeare Festival season - 2015 Incarnate press release

June 26, 2015

The Importance of Being Earnest takes the stage at The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane - Earnest press release

June 14, 2015

"Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline' is a feast for the senses at Tulane" - Times-Picayune |

June 10, 2015

"The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane is opening its 2015 season with Cymbeline this weekend" - WWLTV

June 10, 2015

"So you think you know Shakespeare? How about 'Cymbeline'?" -

June 10, 2015

Cymbeline on Inside the Arts with Diane Mack - WWNO radio

June 10, 2015

"Lesser-known ‘Cymbeline’ opens Tulane Shakespeare fest" - New Orleans Advocate

June 8, 2015

"Director Rob Clare talks Shakespeare and Cymbeline" - Gambit

May 15, 2015

Cymbeline to open 2015 New Orleans Shakespeare Festival - Cymbeline press release

January 19, 2015

New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane announces 22nd season - NOSFT 2015 announcement press release

January 13, 2015

"Tulane University brings Shakespeare to 5,000 Kids" - WGNO News

January 5, 2015

"NEA grant allows New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane to present 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' to area school kids" -

August 1, 2014

"Shakespeare Fest's 'Twelfth Night' showcases the emerging talents of student performers" -

July 14, 2014

"International Shakespeare on the Road team visits Tulane" - Tulane new wave

July 1, 2014

"A prestigious grant from The National Endowment for the Arts helps the Festival bring Shakespeare to thousands of students" MS Press Release

June 30, 2014

"The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane chosen as one of fourteen companies in North America to be visited by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust" Press Release

June 26, 2014

"New Orleans Shakespeare Festival Throws Back As It Looks Forward" - WWNO radio

May 28, 2014

"New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane to Partner with Compleat Stage for Two-Part Experience" -

April 28, 2014

"The Festival will partner with Compleat Stage and internationally renowned artist Heather Hansen to present The Luna Series: An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Women" Luna Press Release

September 27, 2014

"Shakespeare Fest wins Community Arts Award" - Tulane new wave

November 26, 2013

"Shakespeare on the Road in Mandeville": Photos -